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People are often baffled whenever I talk about my personal and professional background.

Actor/Director (BA, Theatre) ➔ Hospitality/Event Production ➔ Massage Therapist ➔ Acupuncturist/Integrative Medicine Practitioner (MSc degree) ➔ Workplace Operations, Experience and Design Strategist ➔ Writer, A.I. Artist, Creative Strategist ➔ ???

While it may look like the meandering journey of a textbook dilettante, the thread of my life has been a consistent quest to understand the human experience how we work, live, heal, create, and connect.

I moved to LA in 2022 after 18 years in San Francisco, and currently exploring new professional opportunities while building out A Human in the Loop, a creative brand exploring the impact of A.I. technology on the human experience.

If you're curious to learn more about my professional background and creative work, you can find it here.

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